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Working WITH YOU to strengthen our community!

                                       With YOU...JRC Grows
         We are Laying the Foundation and Building a Future for the children and seniors in our community!


The purposes of the Meyers Lake Ballroom building purchase and renovation are:

Provide 5-Star “Step Up to Quality” early education and child development for children from six weeks old through preschool. 90% of critical brain development happens in the first 5 years of life and the availability of quality, affordable early education is lacking in the western portion of Canton. Children need this opportunity to develop so they are kindergarten ready and prepared to succeed in school and beyond. This investment in our children is an investment that will pay itself back many times over.

Expand the Adult Day Center. JRC began leasing space (6,900 sq. ft.) in the Meyers Lake Ballroom building in September 2016 to provide quality adult day services for senior citizens in Stark County. On average, over 35 seniors attend JRC Adult Day Center per day. Individuals attending the adult day center who may have dementia, developmental disabilities, physical challenges, etc. are provided with meals, exercise, and a variety of engaging activities that help them thrive each day. Caregivers (spouses, adult children, etc.) are provided respite, and/or the ability to go to work knowing their loved ones are in good hands. This provides the opportunity for a higher quality of life, and delays the entry into institutionalization.

A "Shared Site" for the JRC Learning Center and Adult Day Center will allow for more frequent and intentional intergenerational connections. Seniors are given a "second chance" to make a difference in a child's life helping them to experience a more purposeful life. Children receive a sense of unconditional love that is difficult to find elsewhere. They learn social skills, a sense of history and community and an appreciation for the "grand" generation.

This strategic investment will also house JRCs administrative staff in the same building, creating operating efficiencies for the organization. The JRC organization is currently made up of three separate 501 (c) 3 organizations under one administrative team. This model has enabled JRC to invest more dollars into programming over the years.

Aultman Hospital and Mercy Medical Center, two of Stark County’s largest employers, both sit within 1.5 miles of the new location. The “future” HOF Village, within the same radius, will soon join Aultman and Mercy as one of Stark County’s major employers. JRC is meeting with each of these entities to offer quality early education and engaging adult day services which are a major need for employers, employees and the surrounding neighborhoods.

There are three grade schools, a middle school, and a high school with hundreds of employees who may need these services. Just as important is the “tipping” neighborhood (west of I-77 and east of Wertz Ave. between 12th St. NW and 9th St. SW) with hundreds of  low to moderate income wage earners living in this area. These children need the opportunity for quality early education in their community. 

The ultimate plan is to provide services for 75 to 95 children and 60 senior citizens attending the respective centers each day. The purchase of this property provides JRC with the ability to expand in the future if the need arises. Large parking lots are located on the north and south sides of the building.

JRC received support from a Capital Campaign request over 17 years ago to open the JRC Learning Center in NE Canton. That facility is still among the best preserved buildings in NE Canton. More importantly, on average, 130 children attend the center every day for 5-Star education. The JRC Learning Center was the first 5-Star Step Up to Quality facility in Stark County and among the first in the state of Ohio. The ability to continuously provide quality services is a positive indicator that JRC will continue to be a good steward of all support along with providing top quality services for children, families and seniors.


                                              Thank you for your support!
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We hope that you will join JRC in an effort to provide a better life for our community's children and seniors by making a generous donation today. Please call us with any questions you may have at 330-455-3873 EXT 401.