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JRC Donor Privacy Policy                                                                                                                                                        

J.R. Coleman Senior Outreach Services, Inc., dba JRC Senior Services, J.R. Coleman Family Services, Corp., dba JRC Learning Center are all referred to herein as JRC, respects the privacy of donors and is committed to protecting the personal information that is gathered and maintained regarding those donors. As such, JRC Board of Directors adopted the following Donor Privacy Policy (Policy) which guides JRC staff and volunteers on how they may and may not use donors’ personal information. The Policy applies to the collection of donor information from any source: physical pledge cards, online pledges, the JRC website, electronic communications, and registration for an event or fundraiser or by any other means.

JRC collects, retains and uses donors’ information such as: name, address, telephone numbers, email address, spouse’s name, donation amount, designations, donor history, contributions and limited demographic information.

JRC uses a third party online payment processing service with high levels of security. JRC does not store, nor does it have access to, credit card information, bank account numbers, or other account data sent to the payment processing service as part of an online donation, purchase or registration. Credit card numbers, provided by donors through electronic means, are not retained by JRC employees, nor do they have access to them.

Credit card numbers provided by donors through any physical forms or via telephone to authorized JRC employees are securely transmitted to the third party online payment processing service and are then destroyed. In addition to these security measures, our data software product is password protected and only accessible to executive level management. Any written donor information is locked in a secured location and/or shredded.

JRC uses donor information for the following purposes:

·       To administer and maintain records relating to donations

·       To facilitate fundraising

·       To communicate with donors about JRC

·       To distribute receipts to donors

·       To bill donors for unpaid pledges.

·       To thank donors for their support

·       To provide information used in internal analysis

·       To comply with legal or regulatory requirements

JRC will not use donor information in the following manner:

·       JRC will not sell or trade donors’ information.

·       JRC will not send mailings to donors on behalf of other organizations.

·       JRC will not share donors’ personal information with any third parties unless given specific permission to do so by the donors.

The JRC Annual Appeal Pledge Card includes a check box allowing donors to choose to not allow personal information to be shared with third parties outside of the JRC organization.

JRC may, at times, publically recognize the receipt and purpose of donors’ gifts. JRC honors all explicit requests from donors who choose to remain anonymous.

JRC reserves the right to change the Policy at any time, but only with approval of its Board of Directors. The latest Policy will always be posted on the JRC website.  

Questions regarding the Policy or any other aspects of the use of donors’ information and/or if donor wishes his/her information should not be shared outside the organization should be directed to the JRC Development Director at (330) 454-3471 or by email to .