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Intergenerational Connections - A LOOK BACK

  • Jackie & Amari
    Jackie & Amari

    Jackie attends the Adult Day Center and has Alzheimer's. She always speaks in very broken sentences, often only using one word to convey her thoughts. When partnered with "Amari", who attends the Learning Center, during an Intergenerational Program activity and after many attempts to make Amari understand, she was finally able to ask Amari, "What color is that?" We were all amazed that Jackie spoke a full sentence! This picture was taken right after Jackie asked her question and Amari finally understood what Jackie was trying to ask. The looks on their faces say it all!

  • Georgia & Alex
    Georgia & Alex

    Georgia attends the JRC Adult Day Center and Alex attends the Learning Center. Georgia and Alex partnered together to create a artistic representation of their time together at an Intergenerational Program activity. When it was time for the children to go back to the Learning Center Georgia, with a tear in her eye, asked one of the staff "Is it time for them to leave already? But...we didn't have enough time!"