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October 5, 2022

Guest observers today - Libby Doss from the Canton Museum of Art, The Commercial & Savings Bank Representatives and Kent State Students.

Returning for a command performance was our teaching artist Amanda Crowe from the Canton Museum of Art.  Today she taught a "Creative Pumpkin Patch"

She began the class with exercise to get everyone's hands and fingers ready to create the art project.  She even had them practice facial expressions to later use when creating their pumpkins.

The background began with adding colorful squares then rolling on color.  Painting pumpkins, pumpkin faces, and wiggle eyes.

They all used their creativity to make what they were imagining.  One of the children Cameron, announced he was making vampire pumpkins and several other boys joined in to create their own vampire pumpkins. 

The same little boy and the grandma sitting with him both announced he was making a pumpkin for his Mommy and his Grandma to take home and was so excited to tell everybody.  Some children then began announcing who they were making their pumpkins for such as brothers, sisters, mommies, daddies, grandmas and grandpas.

Everyone was engaged in this project and sharing it with their families!


September 28, 2022

The teaching artist from the Canton Museum of Art, Amanda Crowe, was with us today with "Sunflower Faces".

We began as always with the children greeting their grandmas and grandpas.  Next the pledge of allegiance.  Followed by Inhaling and exhaling and exercises with fingers and hands to get them ready for their Art Project of the day.

To achieve the background, both the children and the grandmas and grandpas used tissue paper and painted it on their canvas with water.

They preceded to use a stencil and dab paint to create their sunflowers.  They added seeds to the sunflowers to give it that three dimensional look.

What interesting fun art they created!

The children loved the sunflowers so much they  were asked to pass out a silk one as remembrance of their day to each grandma and grandpa and keep one themselves to take home!


September 21, 2022

Rhonda Kuster and Kedric Wolfe were the instructors for the Yoga Program today.

The season of "Fall" was the theme as they incorporated stretches from picking apples from the trees to wind blowing leaves to raking leaves - all "Fall" activities.

The Leaves Changing Color Song was added to their Yoga stretching.

Other "Fall" activities included, Scarecrows, the Pumpkin Patch, and making Pumpkin Soup over the fire as the flame rose higher and higher.

A game of Pumpkin toss with little Pumpkins tossed back and forth while stretching and exercising with the children and the grandmas and grandpas together. They even balanced the pumpkins on their heads to practice balance and coordination.

They ended with quiet time and their healthy snack as the children served the grandmas and grandpas first then enjoyed their snack with them.

A morning of exercise while getting into the 'Fall" season - very clever!


September 14, 2022

The Pledge of Allegiance started the morning as usual.

Sarah Donnelly was the instructor today for Yoga. 

She brought her famous basket filled with goodies to make the session interesting while exercising.

She started with her bell to have the children and the grandmas and grandpas freeze like a statue. Then came stretching and breathing.

Her use of animal cards really made it interesting as they imitated the movement of animals for both groups.  Some examples were - bunnies and bees.

Picking apples and other fruits from the trees while stretching.

She introduced and discussed the season of Fall with leaves.....

She brought out her basket of instruments so each group could play the instrument while the other group made motions while exercising with Yoga moves.

The morning ended with a healthy snack for all as the children serve the grandmas and grandpas first before they serve themselves.


September 7, 2022

Lindsay Bonilla, storyteller, was our instructor today she presented "The Ram and the Chili Patch from Mexico".

The story began with looking for her son Juan - she could not find him but found Juanita.

Everyone said Ola to her daughter Juanita (chosen from a child from JRC)

Other characters were added Carnaro and Guyo - all characters  chosen from our children and grandpas and grandmas.

Every time she mentioned Chili Peppers from the Chili Patch - everyone had to say spanish words in the story.

The story was so much fun and interactive as motions and spanish words were flowing throughout the story.