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June 15, 2023

Huntington Bank - what a community partner!  They brought close to 30 volunteers on Thursday 6/15 to weed, trim and mulch the JRC Learning Center building and parking are on 14th Street.  They are also responsible for the generous truckload of mulch donation that they arranged - thank you for that also!

Huntington Bank also made a monetary donation to purchase all the plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and potting soil to be planted that day at the Learning Center 14th Street and also at the Learning Center Parkway along with the Adult Day Center Parkway another day.

They provided pizza for the staff, volunteers and children and a special frozen treat truck for the children.

JRC cannot thank you enough Huntington Bank!  All of our buildings look wonderful! 

The JRC Preschoolers and JRC Summer Program students came out to help the Huntington Bank people plant and learn. The children and the seniors now have fruits, vegetables, and herbs to grow and cultivate and eat. They are all involved in watering and caring for them.  The JRC Kitchen adds them to the food prepared so everyone eats the fresh items.

What a wonderful "Be A Good Neighbor to JRC" from Huntington Bank!