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Infants & Toddlers

"Babies are motivated, curious and competent learners right from the start. They are natural scientists. Cognitive development is the building of concept knowledge and thinking skills. Children come into the world eager to learn. Through relationships, active exploration and experiences, infants and toddlers make discoveries about the world, figure out how things work, imitate others, try out new behaviors, share meaning, learn social rules and solve problems. Like scientists, young children uncover the mysteries of the world. Through play and self-initiated practice, they build concepts and develop their thinking skills." 

- Ohio's Infant & Toddler Guidelines

We know that what children learn between birth and the age of three lays the foundation for everything they will become in their life. They are observing, mimicking, touching, tasting, smelling, and just plain curious about everything and everyone around them. Their environment and the adults around them have a profound impact on their sense of well-being.  

Infants and Toddlers need daily routines they can count on.  That's why at  JRC  we strive to make their days contain the same routines. Each day includes a welcoming arrival, one or more group play times, choice time, outside time, naptime, meal times, bodily care, and a warm departure.  This creates a stability that makes babies and toddlers feel secure and safe.  We love that parents drop children off with a hug and pick them up at the end of the day with a warm "I missed you" smile.

During arrival and departure times teachers talk with parents to ensure that necessary information is exchanged both verbally and through our infant/toddler grams that help to document the child's day and/or needs. This helps to gain trust and assurance for all parties involved and to use the cues from parents and children to best support the family.

Group times for babies and toddlers at JRC are opportunities for exploration. Our classrooms are stocked with materials that allow young children to explore and share their experiences with other children.  Trained teachers are always nearby to prompt and encourage learning through play.

Our staff are trained in the Ohio Early Learning Content Standards and use developmentally appropriate methods and tools that invite babies and toddlers to develop a love of learning in a safe and caring environment. 

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