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Parent Resources


We are excited to teach and care for your child(ren) at JRC Learning Centers - 14th Street NE and 3300 Parkway Street NW!
Please contact Stephanie Finley at 330.452.8376 ext. 322 at the 14th Street NE location and Rene Ury at 330-454-3471 ext. 460 at the 3300 Parkway Street NW location to learn about the enrollment process. We'll schedule a time to meet with you and complete the necessary paperwork. We'll also schedule time to take you and your child(ren) on a tour to meet their teacher.


Early Head Start Child Enrollment:

Description:  Early Head Start provides family-centered services to low-income families with children between 6 weeks and 3 years of age.  The program supports parents in meeting their goals while promoting physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of infants and toddlers.

Qualifications:  A family may be eligible if:  the income is at or below the poverty line, or if eligible for public assistance, or the child is homeless or in foster care.  The program is permitted to enroll families that do not meet the mentioned criteria provided that these participants only make up to 10% of the programs enrollment.

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