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Mission, Vision & History

Our Mission

The mission of JRC is to enrich lives through Educating children, Engaging seniors and Strengthening community.

Our Vision

To inspire and empower children, seniors and families to achieve their fullest potential every day.

About Us - JRC (Formerly J.R. Coleman)

JRC is comprised of two 501(c)(3) private not for profit organizations located in Canton, Ohio: JRC Learning Center and JRC Adult Day Center. JRC also offers a minor home repair service and is the project manager for the Mahoning Road Economic Development project. JRC serves low to moderate income children, seniors and families.

Each part of our organization share our common vision. Children are inspired and empowered as they receive the early education they need to be kindergarten ready for success in school and beyond.  Seniors are inspired and empowered as they receive purposeful and engaging activities during the day, giving them the ability to stay at home longer while their caretakers work or gain respite. 

The history of JRC includes its founding in 1974 as an outreach ministry of St. Paul's Catholic Church in Canton, Ohio. Father John Robert Coleman brought services to the people of the northeast Canton community through his daily example and vision. The J.R. Coleman organizations were born out of his passion to assist people in need.

Today, although we are not a faith-based organization, we still honor Father Coleman’s vision to educate children, engage seniors and strengthen our community.




On September 5, 2013 we changed our name to JRC from "J.R. Coleman". 

Why the change?

There was a need to differentiate our services to the community. Today, several other "Coleman" organizations operate in Stark County, so its becoming harder to tell our story. This name change sets us apart. It strengthens our foundation and gives us a fresh, new direction for the future.

Our new logo reflects the very best of who we are and provides a visual 
description of what we do.

The JRC helps us maintain a tie to our history and our founder, J.Robert Coleman, who saw a need and acted on it. 

The "J" in our logo looks like a person (the dot is a head). We see PEOPLE first.

The rise and fall of the letters reflect the stages of life we touch, from birth through retirement.

The colors reflect the vibrancy of life that permeates our facilities. JRC is about living rich, full lives.

Our new tagline "Kids. Seniors. Community" clearly describes who we serve.

We Are Guided by Our Goals

  • Assist persons of the Stark County area to function as independent and contributing members of society.
  • Promote successful growth and development of children.
  • Assist families and individuals toward achieving or maintaining their self-sufficiency and self-respect.
  • Contribute to the economic development of our community.
  • Establish services and network systems that support the vision of the Stark County community.

We Focus on Results

  • Children who regularly and consistently attend our Early Learning & Preschool Center display higher levels of school readiness.
  • Parents are able to work or attend school knowing their children are safe, actively engaged and having fun.
  • Senior citizens are able to continue living safely in their own community.
  • Caregivers are able to maintain or improve their quality of life.
  • Residents are proud to call their neighborhoods 'home'.
  • Businesses thrive.