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Healthy Habits Program

Teaching children Healthy Habits for Life is a top priority at JRC Learning Center! Through a program developed by Nemours Health & Prevention Services, Kids Health Organization and Sesame Street, JRC educates children on a daily basis with providing healthy food choices and incorporating daily physical activity.

Children learn about different food groups and how to explore the concept of a balanced meal. They learn the difference between healthy food choices and "sometime food" choices. The program is designed to help fight childhood obesity. JRC Learning Center has eliminated 90% of processed foods, meals are prepared from scratch. Children are served family style and during meals, teachers discuss the importance of nutrition.

Daily exercise and activity are vital habits for a healthy lifestyle. JRC staff incorporates 60 minutes of fun fitness activities within the daily curriculum. In summer months this can include hiking, cycling on bike trails and swimming, among other activities.

Thanks to Woodward Video Productions and trainer, Joe Cartwright, JRC staff can utilize training videos in leading kids through fun exercises!