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May  12, 2023

JRC rolled out the red carpet for the Adult Day Center Annual Fashion Show - "Passion for Fashion".

A long time volunteer Lesley Venturella chaired the event and organized the team of JRC Volunteers for a wonderful event!

The audience was ready and the JRC members who participated were dressed in their finest to strut the red carpet and show off their fabulous hair, nails and outfits to help of them feel like a Queen or King for the day!

Julie Abiecunas, JRC CEO joined Lesley to emcee the event and introduce all fashion show models with detail descriptions of their special look for the day!

Refreshments were served afterward with a special social time for all to celebrate the day and celebrate Mother's Day!

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this event possible:

CAST members Lesley Venturella, Kay Leasure, JoAnn LaRoccco, Kiran Bhagat, Melody Bowman, Brenda Deleo and all the CAST students! Tom Venturella also who greeted the guests!

Makeup technicians - Megan Arney from Amherst Meadows and two students from Glen Oak Cosmetology

Hair stylists - Pam Stewart and two Glen Oak students.

Nail technicians - Melissa Redd from Allay, one Glen Oak student and Fran Drennan

Lexie Hines, Sue Lewis, Kathy Alessandrini and Peg Savage that helped with so many things!

The McKinley High School and Photography students lead by Ms. Heather Hutmacher and teacher Ms. Davesha Baker from Glen Oak High School!  Great photos everyone!

What a village we had to make this possible for our seniors at JRC!