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Beacon Academy was JRC's special program in July with a Salt Water Craft - Jellyfish. Temeah Ross and her team were the instructors from the school who really had fun with the children and adult/seniors as they helped them interact together while each creating their masterpieces.

The craft was so colorful for both the children and the adult/seniors (Grandmas and Grandpas) with painting, ribbons, sparkles and googley eyes to create the jellyfish that their imagination wanted it to be.

A child, Zechariah and a senior (Grandpa) (Ron) were sitting together creating their Jellyfish creations, when another senior (Grandma) Elaine came over to their table to ask if they would share more paint colors with her for her rainbow Jellyfish she was creating.  This made Grandpa Ron rethink his creation and decided to also create a rainbow for his Jellyfish. Zechariah (child) then stated "how beautiful these Rainbow Jellyfish looked”.  He (Zechariah) also then held up his hands and exclaimed that he has seen five rainbows in his life. He then continued to add more colors also to his creation.  All three of them were having so much fun with all the colors and talking about rainbows and how special and unique they are while creating a Rainbow Connection at JRC….