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May 4, 2022

Our Storyteller, Lindsay Bonilla was back with a story about 4 Dragons in China.

All the children and grandmas and grandpas chosen to be characters were really speaking their parts wonderfully!

Especially the leader of China - our senior grandpa - wearing the coat from China.

What a wonderful story about caring, compassion and love.....


April 27, 2022

This was JRC Programming Day as we did "Getting to Know You" questions and answers.

We had Grandmas and Grandpas as children and children ask Grandmas and Grandpas questions such as favorite colors, favorite foods, clothing they like to wear and commenting on what they were wearing today.

We had fun with the Hokey-Pokey and Simon Says...

April 20, 2022

Today our Yoga instructors were back in action - Rhonda Kuster and Kedric Wolfe.

What a morning it was!  

This gives a who new meaning to the word Yoga as the children and seniors began as usual with the welcome train when children greet the seniors with a sautation. Next the pledge of allegiance.. Then moving into motion of exercising for the children and seniors together.

They imagined their favorite bird with a Big Bird exercise.

They created motion as imagining a chu chu train.

A Happy Sun was created as each child went to each senior and stretched a big Happy Sun!

They pretended to play a piano to each other.

Kedric continued with the children with the "Downward Dog" pose as the seniors watched and stretched along from their chairs. He was also on the floor with motions of exercise mimicking a snake and then hopping to a frog.

They were all in motion with laughter and artistic expression as they let their imaginations run wild!

The morning ended with a healthy snack of peaches in juice, wheat cheez-its and water to drink.


April 13, 2022

Today we were welcoming our Artful Living ad Learning instructor - Megyn Bostic with her Around the World with Dance with today focusing on Germany.

The children and the seniors were very excited to meet again and dance in celebration.  They were either standing up or sitting down, but in movement of learning special dances from Germany. Learning the waltz was definitely a treat!

When dancing was done they children and the seniors socialized by asking each other questions such as favorite color, etc.

A great time was had by all as they visited Germany through dance!



April 6, 2022

They are finally back!  Intergenerational Connections Program is back in person from the years in the pandemic!  Our seniors and preschool children are getting together weekly for an hour of planned interaction and engaging fun. 

They began with our "Welcome Train" where the children entered the circle of grandmas and grandpas (as they call them) and said hello my name is _  and either shook hands, high fived, fist bumped or hugged. They were all meeting these new grandmas and grandpas for the first time in person as the past children in this program had graduated out of our school.  May grandmas and grandpas were also new to the program.

Then as is tradition - all stood with our hands on our heart and recited the "Pledge of Allegiance".

Next Storyteller Lindsay Bonilla took the children and seniors through the story “The Monkey and the Crocodile” from India where participants from each group became monkeys and crocodiles, learning the importance of a river through this story from India.  Everyone had a part in this storytelling experience – and everyone certainly had fun!

The children then ended their time together with the "Goodbye Train" of saying goodbye to their newly acquainted grandmas and grandpas.

It was observed that the children and even some grandpas and grandmas who began the hour in a shy mode became very engaging with hugging and sitting on laps and talking and asking questions of each other.  It was a first great day back of interacting which brought so many of both groups out of their shell to enjoy each other!