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December 28, 2022

The Canton Museum of Art was here today helping our children and Grandmas and Grandpas create "Wishing Star Ornaments". Karan Kanish was the instructor of the day who guided the group's creativity through the activity.

They began with the ever popular song - "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

They then raised their hands to the sky to all give three wishes upon a star.

Then the art project began to create and decorate their three wishing stars!

Beautiful stars were created as each pair with a child and a grandma or grandpa helped each other as they worked together.

All stars were different and unique as they imagined them to be....

Mi Mi even decided to wear the stars as a necklace as seen below - she loved what her and the child with her had created!



December 21, 2022

It was a "Winter Wonderland" with Yoga today at JRC's Intergenerational Connections Program.

Everyone participated in snow ball fights with a lot of action = exercise!

So many stretches acting out all the winter activities.

Snowflakes were given to the children to find grandmas and grandpas around the room to give them to.

It was definitely a morning of Winter Fun!  A great way to exercise and enjoy the season of Winter in Ohio!

December 14, 2022

Artful Living and Learning, Emily Gordon was the instructor today with "Moving to the Music".

Emily began with her welcome/dance song.

She then introduced a marching song where they danced and marched.

She distributed scarves where they danced "slow to fast to slow".and both the children and senior/adults interacted with each other.

They also then were given jingle bells where all kinds of wonderful dances and motions were introduced and mimicked.  Both groups in unison played the bells to songs such as Jingle Bells.

Everyone completed the program with bowing as they said goodbye and Happy Holidays!




December 7, 2022

Lindsay Bonilla, our Storyteller was at the Intergenerational Connections Program today with a "Winter Story". 

This story was from China about sharing.  When you share with others it comes back around to you again.

As always before we begin - we say the Pledge of Allegiance.

She began with her famous song "Ready for a Story Adventure".

The story from China involved a rabbit, bear, goat family, and deer. Each animal passed on to the other through their generosity of sharing some extra food they were given for their Christmas Feast. Each shared more than they had with their neighbor until finally it all came back to the original giver. Then they all shared the feast together with all in their community.

Acting out the story with all involved in words and motions along with learning a valuable lesson...