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February 1, 2023

Lindsay Bonilla, our Storyteller was back from her trip to Columbia to help the group act out a wonderful story "It Could Always Be Worse" - a Yiddish Folktale.

She began as always with her Story Adventure Song - with singing and motions.

Before the story began Lindsay was questioning the group about "Complaining about something in life" - everyone had something to say.

Throughout the story Lindsay began with choosing characters - first Farmer Adam, his wife, mother-in-law, baby and teenagers. They were asked to make sounds of complaining such as scolding, crying, stomping, pouting, snoring - what a loud group living in a tiny house.

The Rabbi was chosen to give advice to Adam throughout the story.

The Rabbi suggested animals to be added to the household such as; chicken, dog, goat, and cow.  What an even noisier house it became when all were added with sounds and habits.

When the Rabbi suggested all animals were removed = the Farmer Adam realized things were not so bad with just his family and he appreciated everything in his life all the more.for what he has.



January 25, 2023

Canton Museum of Art with Amanda Crowe was our program today with a special art project of "Winter Watercolor Mosiac" creations. Another instructor Karen Kanish also was on hand to assist.

Amanda began with breathing, stretching and exercising to get everyone ready to use their hands, fingers and arms to create their masterpiece Mosiacs.

What do we need when going out in the snow? All their many responses were getting them ready to create.

We began with shaving cream in a pan and adding watercolor paints. Then swirling and blending the colors and shaking branches in to add glitter.

They used pieces of paper to put in the shaving cream and pat down to absorb the color and then tearing the sheets to add to their final landscape paper. 

The paint brushes were used with snow glue to add to their landscape paper in order to adhere tissue paper and eventually snowflakes, trees and a yarn snowman to complete their winter theme.

Finally some pairs of children and grandmas and grandpas added painted faces to their snowmen.

As you see below - each creation was unique and expressive...


January 18, 2023

Sarah Donnelly, a Yoga Insructor was on hand for a "Wonderful Winter" program of exercise and yoga.

After the pledge of allegiance and the hello train, Sarah began with stretches, patting hands, warming hands, and holding an imaginary hot chocolate cups while doing breathing exercises.

The falling of snowflakes while imitating the motion and asking everyone what they like to do when it is snowing outside.

They were all yelling out suggestions - building a snowman being the most popular so everyone was directed to act out the motions while exercising.

She introduced a book about a grumpy penguin always complaining where a walrus taught him to enjoy the good things in life and look on the positive side by not complaining.  A great lesson learned.  What did the walrus like and love in his life and everyone was to ask each other this question.

Scarves were passed out to everyone to connect the chlldren with the grandmas and grandpas while stretching and exercising.  A song was played to twirl the scarves in motion while exercising.

They ended with namaste and savasana  -  I bow to you and then relaxation.


January 11, 2023

Emily Gordon was on hand today as the instructor from Artful Living and Learning as our dance instructor.

Her program was "Dancing through Winter" and that is surely what they all did!

She warmed everyone up with clapping and stomping to rhythm and music.

She asked the question - What do you do in the Winter Season?  The answers were making snowmen, throwing snowballs, etc. she then continued with acting out each activity and incorporating dance. 

Pantomime was the activity of the day with ice skating, sled riding, making snowmen and snow angels - and turning into dance moves.

The children were instructed to keep going back to the grandmas and grandpas and both dancing and using pantomime while exploring all the activities of Winter.

After all the activities were complete they rested with pantomime of drinking hot chocolate and discussing (children and seniors) what their favorite Winter activity was.

Bowing as always ended the session....



January 4, 2023

This was a new year for JRC and the introduction of a new program - The Wilderness Center presents "My Wild Day".

Jennifer Simmons was the instructor for The Wilderness Center beginning with a wildlife pine cone craft made with Crisco and Bird Seed for the children and the seniors to make to put outside to feed wildlife throughout the Winter.

The second project was the "My Wild  Day" posters. Beginning with photos of each pair of a child and a senior - taken once they arrived and printed to complete their poster at the end of the class.  With each poster they selected different Ohio wildlife to add to their poster while the Grandmas and Grandpas (seniors) read the fact about that animal to the preschooler.  They each were able to take their poster home.

What a great first program of the new year learning about Ohio wildlife and creating a food item for them to eat this Winter!