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November 29, 2023

Artful Living and Learning was with us today with Emily Gordon as the instructor.  The lesson of dance was "We are Thankful". Also joining us was the Director of Artful Living and Learning, Michele Waalkes.

We began by singing the welcome to dance class song that we know so well.

Then we sang - "If your Thankful and you Know it" with motions of dance.

Pumpkins were introduced to put in motion around children and grandmas and grandpas.

What is your favorite pie at Thanksgiving? Everyone shouting out answers then motions.

The "Turkey Hokey Pokey" with singing and dance motions.

Other questions were asked to ensue more motions and dance.



Finally reviewing that you say thank you with a bow or curtzey after dance.


November 22, 2023

Amanda and Karan from the Canton Museum of Art were with us today with an Art Project of Pine Cone Turkeys.

We began with turkey motions and sounds to exercise and warm up our creativity.

We then continued to paint with feathers, pumpkins, eyes and of course the waddle.

Both the children and grandmas and grandpas worked together to create their Turkey masterpieces.

Finally - the session ended with a Turkey Parade with the children circling their JRC grandmas and grandpas with their turkey finished artwork!

November 8, 2023

Kristie Leahy Comsia was the Yoga Instructor for the morning.  She introduced many new poses to the group such as: dolphin pose, surfing pose, rock on child pose, shark pose, fish pose, and river pose.

She incorporated lyons breath with breathing exercises, rolling and swimming motions. and the famous song " Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes.

In the final resting position she recited the inspirational phrases:

I am happy and playful

I am proud and confident

I am kind and caring

I am hones and truthful

I am clever and creative

I am a good friend

A very inspirational session with great Yoga combined with lessons to recite and learn and apply.

November 1, 2023

Rachel Beckett was on hand as the storyteller and craft instructor from the Stark County Library.

The theme was sheep.

A sheep story "Sheep out to eat" was ready and followed on the big screen to all the children and seniors.

The sheep craft followed with coloring and cotton balls as the children and grandmas and grandpas together made creative sheep figures.


October 11, 2023

Our own JRC Parkway Learning Center Director was the instructor along with her Assistant Director Tara Kutz in offering a Fall leaf spray painting project.

The senior/adults and children enjoyed spraying the leaves - leaving an outline to the design.  They helped each other and created some unique art pieces.

After the project they presented two story time books that were read aloud by a narrator on the big screen - Leaf Man where they discussed their favorite colors of leaves and Going on a Leaf Hunt.

Finally on their way out the children practiced and performed tor the seniors "The Turkey Song".

October 4, 2023\

Today was a cooking class event instructed by our own JRC staff - Cindy Hykes, Food & Nutrition Director and Rose Mayle, Adult Day Center Activity Aide.

They had everyone make their own Apple Pie in a cup.

They began the morning with the pledge of allegiance as always.

Both instructors started with a discussion of how healthy apples are in your diet every day.

Then both children and "grandmas and grandpas' began to assemble all the ingredients of apples, graham crackers, and whip cream.

When all complete - they ate it with a spoon!  YUM YUM!

September 27, 2023

Amanda Crowe from the Canton Museum of Art was the program today with an Art Project for Fall - watercolor painting.

She began with everyone participating in motions of trees with leaves and falling leaves. This was to warm up their hands for artistic expression.

The Fall Art Project began with everyone naming colors the leaves on the trees would change into.  She then distributed Fall leaves and had everyone hold up different colors.  Then everyone began to paint by outlining the leaves in a variety of colored watercolor paints.

The final creations were really colorful as the children and seniors worked together to create their masterpiece.


September 20, 2023

The JRC Intergenerational Connections Program (IG Program) was really active today with Yoga instructors Rhonda Kuster and Kedric Wolfe.

They started out by reciting the word YOGA and using hands and fingers in motion.

They continued with breathing exercises and motions with flowers and leaves falling. 

They added their legs in motion by tapping like rain with their feet with pointing and flexing.  Great tips were added for circulation.

Tree Pose and Cobra Pose were expanded into adding more motion of picking apples, making applesauce, etc.

The Breath of Joy was introduced along with Laughter Yoga.  Both were very well received.

Finally the calm down as they think Fall thoughts....

September 13, 2023

The Canton City Police Department with officers Mike Roberts, Anthony Jackson, and Steve Meyer joined the IG Program for the very first time today!

A Dessert Surprise was the program where the children and adult/seniors created a wonderful Cherry Pie dessert all in a baggie. Made with graham crackers, cherry pie filling, cool whip )substituting puddy for those with dairy restrictions).

Everyone had so much fund smashing the graham crackers and adding the other ingredients blended in the baggie.

The officers then cut open the end of the bag and everyone enjoyed squeezing the wonderful treat in their mouths - YUM YUM!

Next coloring books and crayons were provided as the children and grandmas and grandpas colored together to create artistic masterpieces.

Finally Officer Mike Roberts spoke to the group about safety and scam issues.

Thank you officers for a wonderful first day with our JRC Intergenerational Connections Program!  You are now a new community partner in our interactive program!