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September 13, 2023

The Canton City Police Department with officers Mike Roberts, Anthony Jackson, and Steve Meyer joined the IG Program for the very first time today!

A Dessert Surprise was the program where the children and adult/seniors created a wonderful Cherry Pie dessert all in a baggie. Made with graham crackers, cherry pie filling, cool whip )substituting puddy for those with dairy restrictions).

Everyone had so much fund smashing the graham crackers and adding the other ingredients blended in the baggie.

The officers then cut open the end of the bag and everyone enjoyed squeezing the wonderful treat in their mouths - YUM YUM!

Next coloring books and crayons were provided as the children and grandmas and grandpas colored together to create artistic masterpieces.

Finally Officer Mike Roberts spoke to the group about safety and scam issues.

Thank you officers for a wonderful first day with our JRC Intergenerational Connections Program!  You are now a new community partner in our interactive program!