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August 30, 2023

Yoga was back in full swing with Rhonda Kuster and Kedric Wolfe as the children and adult/seniors did breathing exercises, stretching, and yoga poses.

The Breath of Joy, Tree Pose and Eyes, Ears, and Nose awareness through breathing and motion.

Stretching like a Lotus Flower was so beautiful to watch.

The calm down was so relaxing as they reflected their session from the morning.



August 9, 2023

Today LeeAnn Chievitz the IG Program Coordinator instructed our activity of painting bird houses.

After we all honored the American Flag with the Pledge of Allegiance, we introduced some new younger preschoolers from JRC to our Grandma and Grandpa Day at JRC!  They fit right in and were welcomed wonderfully by our seniors, their new Grandmas and Grandpas!

We discussed that we were going to be painting bird houses and what kind of birds (sparrows, finches, etc.) would be making their home in these houses.  We also discussed what kinds of beds they would make with what items in their new houses - twigs, leaves, feathers, moss, etc.

We mentioned that each child and senior could bring this bird house home and hang it in a tree where they live giving a bird a new home.

The painting of the bird houses was creative, artistic and fun!  The seniors helped the children paint and really became their mentors.

The colorful arrays of bird houses were a beautiful site to see.

August 2, 2023

Cindy Hykes and Katie Spach were the JRC Cooking Class Instructors today teaching the children and the seniors to create a healthy fun breakfast item - "Barn Owl English Muffin".

We split the classes today into two separate groups of 6 children and 6 seniors on each side.  One instructor for each group.

We began the lesson with the instructors introduction.  The instructors discussed the ingredients and their value of nutrition.  Learning and eating healthy.

Both groups loved the Barn Owl Muffins and the children and seniors enjoyed making them together.

The extra fruits were passed around and some children served them to the seniors.

A thumbs up at the event by one of the children said it all!

July 26, 2023

The Canton Museum of Art with Amanda Crowe and Karan Kanish were their fun selves as they instructed the art project of the day with making jelly fish in a very creative way.

Beginning with hand and finger exercises to get everyone ready to create...

Then a song about 5 shrimp in the sea teasing the jellyfish.

The instructors then had quite a performance of animals of which ones belong in the sea with the jellyfish. They were the Captain and the First Mate!

Finally the art project with so many different fabrics and textures as they created their jelly fishes. Even some drawing was involved.

A Jelly Fish Jam Song to celebrate all those Jelly Fish!



July 19, 2023

Sarah Donnelly was the Yoga Insructor today with Summer Fun on her mind....

She began with breathing exercises and Yoga poses. 

She cleverly combined Yoga poses and motions with animals to keep everyone engaged - walk and move like: a turtle, bird, bunny, and frog.

Making waves with scarves and hula dancing with hula leis.  One was for the senior and the other the child and then they switched.  Great movement and great fun doing the hula Yoga style.

She read a story "Pause to Pose" as the children sat next the the Grandmas and Grandpas.

Then it was time for restful pose and Namaste. Meaning Goodbye and Wish you Well!


July 12, 2023

Today we decided to have our seniors (Grandmas and Grandpas as the children call them) teach the children how to play BINGO.

We instructed them on the general rules and then introduced ABC - Alphabet Bingo where we played the game while teaching the children the alphabet and what words started with each letter.  We had several teams of child and senior win the cover all.

Next we introduced the Sweet Treats Bingo Game with different shapes and colors of ice cream cones, etc.  Again learning while playing with colors and shapes. We kept playing until everyone won a prize.

The prizes were fidget items which help with finger dexterity and hand coordination - key chains, pens, note pads and chains and even a few slinkies.  Everyone loved playing together as teams and selecting prizes together!


July 5, 2023

Christine Herman from the Stark County Library was our wonderful storyteller for today.

Her topic was Sea Scenes Storytime and Suncatcher Fish Craft.

After our pledge of allegiance, she began with a story "The Puff Puff Fish and the Worry Worry Whale". 

The second story was "I Am the Biggest Thing in the Ocean" about the big giant squid appreciating all the smaller fish in the sea. When the fish were seen on the screen the senior and child who had that fish had to bring it up to attach to the fish board.  Very interactive and fun!

Next everyone was taught and sang "The Goldfish Song".

Finally, Christine instructed everyone of how to make their fish suncatcher.  So many great creations...


June 28, 2023

A 4th of July Celebration with the instructors from The Canton Museum of Art - Amanda Crowe and Karan Kanish.

We began with the song "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and then recited the pledge of allegiance.

We then continued by creating our hats to wear in the parade. They also made drums out of foil containers filled with macaroni. Great sound for the parade!

When completed the children paraded around the JRC Meyers Lake Campus with hats on and accessories in tow!  Of course singing "Yankee Doodle Dandy"!

What a way to celebrate the 4th of July and America's Independance!


June 21, 2023

Today our Yoga Instructor - Sarah Donnelly was under the weather so we improvised.

We began as always with the pledge of allegiance.

We then had a volunteer - Melinda Graham read a book to everyone - "Shoes are Nervous"

We continued with coloring as the children and seniors colored a masterpiece of their choosing that the children could take home.

Finally, we distributed books so that the seniors (Grandmas and Grandpas) could read to the children.

The one on one interaction was very special!

June 14, 2023

The JRC Intergenerational Connections Program Field Trip to the Wilderness in Wilmot, Ohio was a fun trip for the children and the seniors!

Michelle Leighty was the instructor who introduced the Barnaby's Neighborhood Program with Barnaby the Turle.

She also introduced some other animals and had every one guess what kind of animal they were by their furs.

We then shared our sack lunches as the children and seniors ate lunch together.

Then they began their seed planting of Milkweed Flower seeds in biodegradable milk cartons that were ultimately planted in their gardens at JRC so the children and seniors can watch them grow as they attract the Monarch Butterfly.

Finally the children and the seniors went to the observation room to view all the outdoor animals.  The watched a racoon family - mother, father, and children. They also viewed many different varieties of birds - even a wood pecker  in the observation area.

The bus rude to and from was also fun and educational as they saw Amish buggies and many animals in the fields eating and relaxing.


June 7, 2023

Lindsay Bonilla was on hand as our storyteller and author today.  With her third published book "The Note Who Faced The Music" she read her story while having children and seniors acting out all the characters.

We began with her story adventure song.

She continued with her own history of writing books as a child 35 years ago.

Then the story started with actors as a whole note, half note, quarter note and even a composer! The story was fun and interactive as everyone joined in when prompted to respond as the actors played their parts.

Ending with singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - stating that you are a star - just the way you are - always be you!