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JRC Learning Center has SUPER HERO TEACHERS!

The SUPER HERO TEACHERS were needing some bonding as they worked different hours at the JRC Learning Center contacting the children.  Some of them never really got to see each other at all.  They joked and said one day that they were SUPER TEACHERS!  This bonded them in a way that they decided to make a movie of being SUPER HERO TEACHERS to their children and added it to their "You Tube" page.  The teachers were happy to do it and to this day it is the video with the most hits.  The children loved it!  What great looking SUPER HERO TEACHERS!

JRC Learning Center Teacher Bus Trip

With the children at home during the pandemic, JRC Learning Center teachers set off one day on the JRC Bus to each preschoolers house.  They went to Massillon, to North Canton, to Canton, to Robertsville, to Minerva and everywhere in-between!  They stopped at each house to see if the children were home and give them their activity bags and talk with them a bit with masks on of course.  They answered parents questions about how to teach their child and offered as much encouragement as they could.  They had the parents pick up activity bags, mailed activity bags and this time personally delivered the bags. Some of the parents were able to download the lessons and print them receiving them electronically.  They were going to reach their children in whatever way they could... They posted this video of their travels....

Children back at school and now they are the Super Heroes!

Now that many of  our children are back in school, they are using their creativity to mimic their teachers and now they are the Super Hero Children of JRC!!