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In collaboration with Target and through the generous donation of Citizens Bank, children from the JRC Learning Center were taken on a shopping spree to purchase gifts for themselves, or others. Not only was it exciting for the children to have the opportunity to purchase items, it was also a wonderful learning experience for them.

JRC Teachers, together with FINMANGO (an organization which teaches financial literacy to youth), worked with the children to carefully plan for their shopping trip. FINMANGO held two financial literacy classes before the event specifically geared to the money cycle, which includes earning, the importance of saving, wise spending, and donating to a community-involved agency, through research. The theme of the financial literacy classes revolves around the repetitive lesson: “Make it, save it, plant it (save it), spend it (just a little), and donate it.”

Thank you Citizens Bank, Target, FINMANGO, Citizens Bank Volunteers and JRC Staff! This was such a wonderful, collaborative team effort!

The children benefited, not just in the capability to purchase, but in learning wise financial practices!