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JRC held an Open House on November 19, 2021 - invitation only to donors and contributors to their Capital Campaign.  This event was a "come and go" event being sensitive to the pandemic and allowing contributors to finally see the completed conversion of the old Meyers Lake Ballroom into the newly renovated Myrna A. Pastore JRC Campus! 

The center is complete with a newly opened JRC Learning Center for preschoolers, an enlarged JRC Adult Day Center for adults, and a new location for their administrative offices including two Community Rooms to be offered to the community for outside events.

JRC was graced with the presence of Anthony Pastore and his family, with their very generous donation given the naming rights of the Myrna A. Pastore JRC Campus name in his wife's honor, just recently passed.

Also graced with the presence of a past Executive Director, Kathy Strong and her guest.  What a treat to have her at that event!

Tours, Information Packets and Refreshments were the order of the evening event.  A running video in the Community Room with the "start to finish" story of the construction of this wonderful new complex was a special interest to all.

The Senior/Adults from the JRC Adult Day Center make wreaths, snowmen and wall hangings for Christmas and they were given to guests with a donation box present to be given back to the Adult/Seniors to create more wonderful craft projects. Many people were seen leaving with a wonderful item made by them and the donation box was full from their generosity.