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Friday, March 6, 2020

Our JRC Integenerational Connections Program was another wonderful success with Lindsay Bonilla as our creative storyteller with her theme of Native American Folktale Cree "Why rabbit lives on the moon".

The Hello Train began the morning with Curtis (child) giving hugs to everyone.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited with patriotic respect.

As the children were seated on their circle marks on the floor next to the Grandmas and Grandpas G&Gs), Lindsay asked the children about what they carried in their backpacks to school and had them discuss this with the G&Gs  She told them her backpack was filled with stories from all over the world.

Her first story was about a rabbit who dreamed of going to the moon.Carrie (member/senior) was a very enthusiastic actress who volunteered to be the rabbit.  The children were asked to go to their G&Gs to get ideas of how the rabbit could get to the moon.  The children were thrilled with this story.

Margie (member/senior) volunteered to be a tree branch.  Hannah (child) had the owl puppet and put it on the branch.

Carsyn (child) volunteered to be the pelican.  Shirley (member/senior) was the fish being chased by the pelican.

The other little children were birds.  Two people Mark (child) and Carole (member/senior) volunteered to be the wings of the crane..All children and G&Gs flapped their wings together with them..  They all helped the rabbit get to the moon. What a fun and active story it was with everyone involved.

There was time left after the story for a game of "what are you doing?"   This is where you act out what you are doing and everyone guesses what you are doing.  Example - playing basketball.  They all loved this interactive game.

Singing Happy Birthday to William was a fun end to the morning followed by the Goodbye Train.

On a special note Rosemary (member/senior) told our storyteller what a great job she did and she really enjoyed  the program.  This makes this program so rewarding to all of us in every way.


Friday, Febroary 28, 2020

We began the morning with our 30+ guests from Stark Community Foundation observing as we had our children go around the room with the welcome train even high fiving our guests. They were wearing animal masks and passing out animal ears to all their "grandmas and grandpas" to wear representing all Ohio wildlife animals the theme of the morning.  Next they recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  The guests retreated to our presentation room and tour in the new section of our upcoming remodeling project at our Myrna A. Pastore JRC Meyers Lake Campus. The children found their colored spotters next to their "grandmas and grandpas" to wait for the program to begin.

Everyone then sat in silence as pre-directed by Stark Parks as Amanda Perry from Stark Parks Wildlife Conservation Center entered to begin the program.  She brought in two animals for everyone to learn all about -  a boxed turtle named Bowie, and an eastern screech owl named Rufus..  They have both been gone through rehabilitation at their center.  

Amanda walked around the room with each animal explaining their rehab, habits,colors, hibernation, etc.  Everyone was mesmorized.

When Stark Parks retreated with the animals the next part of the Ohio Animal Program came to life as the group was split in half to begin the bean bag animal board toss.   LeeAnn Chievitz, the Intergenerational Connections Program Director took over the program. First each side named their teams.  It was the Foxes versus the Squirrels.

By now our guests from the foundation had returned and were observing the interaction between our senior/members and our children.   Each team would send forth a child and a senior/member to compete against the other team with a child and a senior/member and they tossed their bean bags at a board with Ohio animals represented with points that they could earn if they got the bean bag in that animal's hole. 

In between contestants, Becky Parson, the Intergenerational Coordinator for the JRC Adult Day Center, stating facts about all the Ohio animals involved in the game.  It was a great learning experience along with the fun of competition and teamwork with the children and the senior/members.

The Foxes were the winners, but it did not seem to matter as there was so much cheering and clapping with fun,exercise and a learning experience all rolled into one!! 

The morning ended with the goodbye train as the children went all around the room reluctantly saying goodbye to all their "grandmas and grandpas", staff, and guests with a fun day had by all...

Friday, February 21, 2020

Hello Train..

Pledge of Allegiance..

Spring Watercolor painting with Suni Ortiz our Arts in Stark Teaching Artist.

Suni introduced herself and explained the Spring watercolor painting they will be doing with a choice of a vertical or horizontal canvas. The grandmas and grandpas will be helping the children paint flowers in vases or flower boxes They can use q-tips to make flower buds or draw flowers themselves.

Jean (senior/member) was asking her child what colors they were using while teaching him his colors.and politely correcting him if incorrect.

Bertha (senior/member) was helping a child with their own project while making her own well.  After making one together they could make their own individual projects to take home.

Katie and Jean (senior/members) were singing to "Wheels on the bus" ((music playing during project) but changed the words to correlate with the project.  Very creative for both of them.

Linda A. (senior/member) decided on her own to wash Curtis's (child) and Kavayah's (child) hands when the projects were complete. Very helpful.

A goodbye train as usual ended the morning... 


Friday, February 14, 2020

Today's program was with Artful Living and Learning - Cyn Warren with a wonderful Valentine's Day theme!

Hello Train...

Pledge of Allegence...

She reintroduces herself and her English Horn to the group and began the morning with children going out to "grandmas' and "grandpas" to sing with - "Every time we get together".

Asking - What is Valentine's Day?  The group provided answers.  The song about Valentine's Day followed with gestures after each verse - blowing kisses, hugs, say i love you, and high fives.

A storybook story - "I Am Love" - compassion about peoples feelings.everyone was finding someone to give a hug to.   They then sang "Love is all you need".

Back to the story - love can be comfort with the song " I love you and you love me".with everyone singing with gestures. Intermittent song "Heads, shoulders, knees and toes".

Back to the story - "Missing Someone" with song "My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean". The children were directed to find a grandma and grandpa to dance with.

Next moving on to taking "selfies" with children and grandmas and grandpas by putting their heads together inside of a heart with a song playing "Isn't she lovely".

Children were then given valentines to distribute to grandmas and grandpas.

The morning ended with a closing song and the goodbye train.

Great interaction throughout the entire program!

Goodbye Train...


Friday, February 7, 2020

Hello Train...

Pledge of Allegiance...

Today was Intergenerational Yoga Day and the theme was "the heart".  Beginning with everyone recognizing their heart with hands making heart beats on their chests.

Small heart shapes with hands with movement pulling in and out from the chest.

Squishy balls with the children going from  Grandmas to Grandpas; having them squeeze the balls.

Lower body exercises - bouncing feet on floor with high-fiving all around!  

Breathing exercises, arms stretches, side to side exercises, hugging exercises..

Heart shaped sand bags were used with children passing them to Grandmas and Grandpas for everyone to balance and take breaths.

Tree poses with children picking a Grandma or Grandpa as their partner and then picking another with everyone participating.

Finally the children relaxed on the mats with the sand bags resting on their hearts while their Grandmas and Grandpas crossed their hands over their hearts - breating exercises of relaxation...

Everyone refreshed for the day with their healthy fruity yogurt snack where both groups enjoyed their treat together.

Goodbye Train...



Friday, January 31, 2020

Today we welcome our new artist Lindsay Bonilla, an Interactive Storyteller and Author.   She joined us last year for a sampling and now we have her monthly thanks to our Arts in Stark Grant!

Hello Train...

Pledge of Allegiance...

The theme today was "The Australian Legend: How the kangaroo got her pouch".

The morning began with questions to the group about what animals are found in Australia.   She then asked for volunteers senior/members and children to be characters in her production, wearing hats and speaking their parts after she recited them.

Angela (senior-member) was the main character - a kangaroo which was soon to have a pouch and a joey.

Curtis (child) volunteered to be a joey.  Mitchell (child) a wambat. Wyatt (child) was the hunter with Nyla (child) and Jane (senior/member) as trainers. 

The story unfolded with acting from the characters and audience participation by acting out words in the story.

The story concluded with the kangaroo getting her pouch and with her new little joey inside. 

A memory game of questions followed to give more explanations from their actions.  Question about what was their favorite part of the story.  The entire story was very well received by all.

Lindsay followed up with the "mirror game", where everyone has to mirror her actions   Everyone really enjoyed this.

The staff concluded the day's program with a sing along.   Very fun and great participation.

Goodbye Train..



Friday, January 24, 2020

It was Artful Living and Learning day at the Intergenerational Connections Program! 

Hello Train...

Pledge of Allegiance... 

Cyn Warren, the instructor worked her magic again as she relieved everybody's stress with music, dance and reading from the "Don't Worry Book", 

The morning began as usual with the welcome train, pledge of allegiance and warm-up song  "This Way and That Way".  It continued with the children sharing with their grandma's and grandpa's things they worry about for example sharks, where they sang "Baby Shark",  

Whistling and singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"," No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed", dancing to Boogie Shoes where everyone danced together even some senior/members stood up to dance were great stress relievers.

Everyone hugging to relieve their worries was especially well received.

Butterfly cards were given to the children for them to keep and to distribute to their grandma's and grandpa's to take home and look at this card every time they felt worried about something.

The closing song "The More We Get Together" and the welcome train ended the morning as the children exited on their bus back to school with hopefully having learned how to handle some stress in their little lives.  The grandma's and grandpa's were all smiles so we know their stress for the day was definitely lessened...

Goodbye Train...

Friday, January 17, 2020

Today our Arts in Stark Teaching Artist,Suni Ortiz had a wonderful Valentines Day watercolor art project - "Love Bug"

Hello Train...

Pledge of Allegiance...

It began with painting the child's hand and then pressing the hand on paper for the body.  They then painted a head at the top of the palm- Love Bug.  Then decorating the picture with a phrase - Happy Valentines Day!

The adult/members helped the children create their pictures and decorated together their masterpiece with googly eyes and hearts.

When completed everyone was prompted to decorate more hearts to take home.  They started by making a simple heart face. Everyone was engaged and having fun.  They all worked as a team.

Some of the children did not want to leave proving the success of this wonderful interaction...

Goodbye Train...

Friday, January 10, 2020

Artful Living and Learning Day for the IG Connections Program.

Hello Train...

Pledge of Allegiance...

Cyn (instructor) began with playing her English horn as she explained specifics about the instrument and asked questions of everyone.  She continued to play a warm up song.  She directed the children to find senior/members to sing with.

Cyn asked the children what they got for Christmas and directed them to go out to the senior/members and ask them the same question. 

Cyn continued to ask questions about other holidays, 

Song - Frosty the Snowman was the next song and everyone was prompted to sing together.

Cyn introduced "The Family Book" - which began with many questions - how many people in your family. etc. - interaction between children and senior/members.

They sang the Bingo Song all together.

The children were given Angel cards to take to senior/members to ask if they missed someone this holiday season.  Touching moment... 

They all sang Happy Birthday for all January birthdays.

They danced winter hokey pokey.

A story was read about elephants holding hands with trunks,  The children were directed to hold hands with senior/members.

As always Cyn combines music, singing, dance, storytelling and questions to create interaction with everyone.

Goodbye Train...

Friday, January 3, 2020

As always, the day began with the children's welcome train which is where they greet everyone at the center.  Then everyone recites the Pledge of Alligience.

Yoga day with Rhonda and Kedric today consisted of breathing, circulation, stretching and mind and body motion.went wonderfully...

Great interaction with both groups - example -  the children pretended to crawl through a forest and popping up to say"hi" to the trees (the adults).  This encouraged hugs and high fives!

The healthy applesauce snack was served  as the children were seated on mats in between the senior/members.  They enjoyed their snack together.

The goodbye train concluded the program of the day as the children again gave hugs and high fives.




Friday, December 20, 2019

Welcome train...

Pledge of Allegiance..

A wonderful watercolor painting with Christmas Tree outlines was the intergenerational connections program of the day.

The children painted around the Christmas Tree outline while guided by the senior/members.   Each child had their own tree to work on.  After the painting was done they let them dry while marching around the room.   Then it was decorating tree time as they removed the tree outline and decorated to make their trees beautiful.

So much interaction and fun was had by all as they painted and decorated their Christmas Trees for the holiday!

Goodbye train...




Friday, December 6, 2019

The morning began with the Hello Welcome Train with the children entering and warmly saying hello to all the member/adults.

Pledge of Allegiance...

Yoga the program for the morning began with Rhonda and Kedric and everyone doing a breathing exercise.  They moved on to snowflake finger wiggles.  The children were given paper snowflakes and were told to run around the members and snow on them.  The members had to wave their arms as in a snow storm.

Then building a tapping or packing snow on their legs, arms, torso, heads, etc. - then grabbing decorations and putting on arms, hat, eyes as they built their snowman - then wind blows and all the snowmen melt.

After the cold snowman....rubbing arms hard to warm up, rubbing palms together - rocking side to side.

What a great innovative way to get everyone moving!

They incorporated moving to the Little Drummer Boy song, snowy mountain pose, snow angels, sledding, reindeer, breathing with Ho Ho Ho's, and ending with Merry Christmas to all!  They enjoyed their snack together which was Cheese-its.

Goodbye Train...


Friday, November 22. 2019

Yoga was the program of the day with Kedric and substitute Sara working with balance and motor skills....

Hello Train...

Pledge of Allegiance...

Thanksgiving theme - what are they thankful for?

Piano playing on their foreheads.

Blowing feathers while children were trying to catch them.

Shaking heads and hands.

Balancing pumpkins on their heads - children placed them on seniors to balance.

A healthy snack (as usual) of string cheese and pretzels was served when programming was completed to both groups.

Goodbye train...



Friday, November 15, 2019

It was Watercolor Painting day with Suni Ortiz, our Arts in Stark Teaching Artist.

Welcome Train...

Pledge of Allegiance...

The members and children were making turkeys for Thanksgiving by first tracing each others hands to form a large turkey with the adult hand as the child traced it and a small turkey from the child as the adult traced it.    Then came the painting with a variety of colors to beautify and make each turkey unique using their own creativity.

They really all enjoyed the painting experience and were very proud of their finished products.

Goodbye Train...


Friday, November 8, 2019

Artful Living and Learning was the program for the day with wonderful Cyn as the Instructor!!

Hello train...

Pledge of Allegiance..

Beginning with the welcome song "If you're happy and you know it"  changing it to "If you're Thankful and you know it"

Then moving to her Thanksgiving Theme of Favorites - Song - Story - Dance  and finishing with her Autumn Leaves Song!!

Everyone was engaging and interacting as you see in the photos below....

Goodbye Train...

Two first time students KaVayah and Mitchel were introduced to our Intergenerational Connections Program for the first time and blended in with all the veteran children as if they had been attending for a long time....  This proves how comfortable and welcoming this program is to everyone...



Friday, November 1, 2019

Our second Field Trip was a wonderful entertaining trip to the Palace Theater in downtown Canton to enjoy Jim Gill a Musician and Author presented by the The Stark County Library.

The children and adults were intermingled in seating so that they could interact to all the sing-a-longs and movements presented by Jim.  They all enjoyed the song and dance program.  The children enjoyed the action of movement with jumping and spinning as well as other creative movements.  The older adults enjoyed watching them although it was a little face paced for their abilities.

Overall fun and laughing and enjoying the event together which is what makes this IG Connections Program so successful!!

When the entertainment ended, they stayed to secure a photo with the entertainer. (See below)



Friday, October 25, 2019

Our first Intergenerational Connections Field Trip was to Nickajack Farms!!   What a great trip it was!!

A bus took off from both the JRC Adult Day Center and The JRC Learning Center to meet at the Farms.

The senior/members and children met to first walk through the barn together as they were introduced to the pigs and a horse.   They continued on to the outside petting area where the guide began feeding the animals while the senior/members and children pet the animals (alpacas, sheep, goats, etc.)  Ray, our senior/member could be seen helping the children reach the animals for petting them.  (see photo below)

Next the children and senior/members boarded the hayride cart pulled by the tractor.  They were sitting in between each other so that they could enjoy the ride together while commenting on what they were seeing... When exiting the hayride they were all hugging each other as they celebrated a fun ride.

During the morning they posed for a wonderful group photo (seen below).

They also visited the pumpkin patch to select their favorite pumpkin to take home.

They changed their lunch plans from eating in the pavilon on the farm to returning to the adult day center to have lunch in the warm bistro area as the day was turning colder.  They enjoyed they sack lunches together while talking and recalling the days events...




Friday, October 18, 2019

This week Suni Ortiz, our teaching artist from Arts in Stark created a Pumpkin Art Activity and the Adult Day Center Staff carried it out in her absence.

The morning began with the children in the  "Welcome Train" greeting everyone.  The children were led to the round tables to begin their art with their "grandmas and grandpas. 

Rico and Becky JRC Adult Day Center Staff instructed the group on how to paint the pumpkins.  Each person at each table was to take a turn putting the orange watercolor paint on the white crayon pumpkins prepared in advance by Suni (watercolor artist).  Most of the adults and the children were able to paint and help each other.  Even our shyest child participated today with help from one of our senior/members.  The staff blow dried the art.  Then the crayons were distributed for the children to add stems on the pumpkins while adults gave advice or assisted.  Eyes were then added with all participating.

A special Happy Birthday to one of the children, Wyatt who turned 4 today!!  The staff at Adult Day Center sang a special Happy Birthday Song.

The Goodbye Train ended the morning with a Goodbye Song!!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Cyn Warren as the instructor with Artful Living and Learning was on board with a program of music with facial expressions and feelings.

The morning began with "Good Morning" music encouraging the children to "high five" the adults as they entered with the Welcome Train on to mats in the middle of semi-circle surrounded by senior/members.  Next was the Pledge of Allegiance.  Then they began with the song "If you Happy and you Know it "... with all sorts of facial expressions. 

The children were encouraged throughout the program by Cyn to find "grandmas and grandpas" in the circle to interact by making a tired face at them, stretch and yawn at them, hold hands with them, each telling their ages while asking their ages, tell them what they want to be for Halloween, and displaying happy and sad faces,    While playing the Monster Mash, Cyn took the children around the circle to say "boo" to all of the "grandmas and grandpas".  All expressions and feelings creating laughter by both groups.  They played a game with different faces they would hold up to express themselves to each other.

As a result of all of this interaction, the children are becoming more comfortable with the senior/members.   Some even going around the room on their own while some still being guided by the instructor.  The senior/members are laughing and really enjoying their time with the children...

A special Happy Birthday for a senior/member Marion Conner - everyone sang to him.

The Closing Song with everyone singing...lots of smiles...everyone saying goodbye for the day....  

Goodbye Train...



Friday, September 27, 2019

Welcome Train....

Pledge of Allegiance...

Kedric and Sarah worked their magic at Yoga this week with some new techniques!!

First this week we set up differently with the Yoga mats for the children in between the senior/members for more direct interaction.

Next they introduced the use of props such as scarves for motion, lightweight cloth pumpkins to balance on their heads (children balanced on their heads while putting one on the senior/members head also).

Interaction continued as the motion and movement ensued.  

A healthy snack was delivered by the children to the senior/members with a half banana and water.   All felt refreshed afterward...

Goodbye Train...

Friday, September 20, 2019

Suni Ortiz is back with us as a Teaching Artist from Arts in Stark in Watercolor Painting.  We are painting an abstract design with creativity from each individual displayed.

Welcome Train...

Pledge of Allegiance..

The Children and the Senior/Members take turns painting a different design on the canvas.  They encourage each other as to what color and shape to select.

The final masterpiece is one that is passed from table to table so that the each child and senior/member that is participating puts their favorite design on the Group Masterpiece Painting!!

Goodbye Train...

We have some beautiful final paintings that can be viewed at the JRC Adult Day Center and at the JRC Learning Center!!




Friday, September 13, 2019

Welcome Train...

Pledge of Allegiance...

This week we started a new program called Artful Living with a Teaching Artist, Cyn Warren with Music and Dance.  She began with questioning the children and the senior/members with one fact about each of them.   She then introduced a wonderful song "The More We Get Together" that will be repeated monthly.  

She continued to play music with her oboe and music recordings and introduced different kinds of music with drama. Children and Senior/Members were dancing some on their feet and some in the chairs.  Some even in a circle together.  Some Senior/Members approached a child to dance with....

She also read a book and asked for different emotions and reactions that the group responded back to each other.

The final song was a new song she created:

We are Younger, You are Older, We are Friends, We are Friends, We Love to be Together, We Love to be Together. See you soon. See you soon.    This will also be repeated monthly.....   What a wonderful interactive morning it crosses all boundaries... young and old....

Goodbye Train...


Friday, September 6, 2019

Welcome Train....

Pledge of Allegiance...

Our IG ConnectionProgram began the season with a new group of children who were 3 and 4 years old. Both generations breathed, stretched and moved simultaneously to Intergenerational Yoga.  Our wonderful instructors are back with us again this year - Rhonda Kuster and Kedric Wolfe.

When the children arrived, they marched around the room, forming their ritual "WELCOME TRAIN", waving hello to all their "Grandmas and Grandpas"!!   Everyone said the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE and then YOGA started.

After Yoga, they shared a healthy snack of Halo Oranges and a glass of water, which the children delivered to all the seniors. Of course, manners were observed as everyone replied: "Thank You" and "Your Welcome" to each other. The children put their yoga mats away and said goodbye to their grandmas and grandpas with hugs until they see each other again next week.

Goodbye Train...